About Divoree.com

At Divoree, people thinking about or starting the process, or in the midst of a divorce can create profiles to solicit financial assistance in defraying the cost of getting divorced. Members also have access to our national network of lawyers to find one that is best for their situation. Anyone can donate to help facilitate a divorce and need not be a member to help.

We are committed to helping people change their circumstances and start again. We understand that the process can be a tough one, but is also sometimes necessary for continued personal growth, and the well being of the dependents relying on that growth.

We also understand that separation doesn't always mean a divorce since couples aren't always married. Separating can also be costly though, especially if there are children involved. Let Divoree be your lifestyle funding solution.

Everyone has a story to tell and your story is important. After submitting your basic information and creating a profile, tell your story so that you can start getting the financial and legal help you need for your divorce or separation.

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